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The Importance of a Facebook Page for your Business

Having a Facebook page has become a common expectation in the world wide web today.  Second to owning a website itself.  As it’s an imperative tool for branding along with keeping in touch with current customers.  Providing an an easy way to update your customers on the latest changes in your business and industry.  It also serves as a potential business development tool.  Since other users would see that your customers are connected with Business.…

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Branding Internet Advertising (PPC, Affiliate, Banner) Internet Marketing Web Trends

Choosing the right Internet Advertising Network for your business

Internet Advertising has revolutionized the way we market our business in the last 10-15 years.  As Advertising traditionally reserved for companies with a large advertising budget.  Whom could afford the high cost of distribution for Media on TV, Radio, Billboards, Signage and Print.  Yet year over year, statistics have demonstrated that advertising budgets are shifting in their allocation.  Moving away from the traditional advertising systems.  While traditional advertising systems  still have there place, there is…

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Internet Marketing SEO


COMMON MYTHS OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Confused and stifled by overflow of information and opinions regard web traffic generation? Read below and we can help debunk some of the common myths regarding Search Engine Optimization MYTH #1 : I need to be on the 1st page of google to get allot of traffic. It’s true that most people don’t look past the 3rd page when searching on google. However, for most people the goal is…

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