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Confused and stifled by overflow of information and opinions regard web traffic generation?

Read below and we can help debunk some of the common myths regarding Search Engine Optimization

MYTH #1 : I need to be on the 1st page of google to get allot of traffic.

It’s true that most people don’t look past the 3rd page when searching on google. However, for most people the goal is getting relevant traffic, not just ranking well for your ego’s sake. As you could rank #1 on a search term nobody uses. Try searching under your own company name, chances are you are number one in that search. There are allot of sites that have allot of traffic which are not on the first page of every search term.

MYTH #2 : Pay per click advertising is the way to go for lots of traffic.

Paid per click traffic such as Google Adsense and Facebook Ads can be an expensive solution, especially for small businesses. And once you stop paying, your traffic will be back to square one when you began your campaign. In the long run, an organic growth strategy may bring you more qualified leads and traffic.

MYTH #3 : I can rank well on keywords that are not on my website.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo can ONLY rank pages on the search terms within the body text of your website. Without the given text in your website, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to have ranking.

MYTH #4 : Having allot of hits is the way to go.

Most web analytics software today count unique visitors. Often hits and unique visitors are confused in terminology. One visitor can create millions of hits by clicking on a million pages in your website. So measuring the hits is often NOT a fair metric for measuring your website’s traffic. Increasing your unique visitors should be the goal, not JUST hits.

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