Help me find my pet – Petfinder : WWW.LOSTPET.LINK

Help me find my pet – Petfinder : WWW.LOSTPET.LINK

Losing a Pet can be a disheartening thing. Its like losing a part of you that you can’t ever replace. And apparently people losing pets is a pretty big problem.

The decision came to me to create one night when I was taking a walk in the neighbourhood. And I noticed a sign where someone had posted up a picture of their lost pet.   And I thought to myself that even in todays day and age in our digital world, this was still the predominate method of getting the word out that you had lost a pet.   And I didn’t really think it was the most efficient method. is a tool to help map out a trail of your Lost Pet.  With the traditional methods, If people potentially have sighted your pet they may have a hard time indicating and describing where they saw it. works by integrating with Google Maps.  Giving them the ability to notate on a map by placing a pointer of where your Pet was last scene.  Allowing the person whom has lost a pet to collect a potential trail of where your Pet may be found. helps you find your Pet.  And is merely another resource and tool to help you in your search.  But It won’t physically find your Pet.  You still have to put out the work and effort in your search.  Yet it may help you connect you with people who can help you.  The more tools you have at your disposal the better.  And the website is FREE to use so you really have nothing to lose.

The website has finished its first version and is a ready to use prototype.  And will continue to progress in new features and support.  It is all contingent and motivated by the appreciation and usage of the website.  As I look to build additional features in the future.  Such as allowing the Pet Searcher to network with others that have lost pets in the neighbourhood.  And helping you setup Pet searching groups for combined efforts.   Connecting you with people motivated by the same cause.

It all depends on you.  If you continue to support, I will continue to build.  As knowing that I have made a small difference in peoples lives is all the motivation I need.

Hope I can help.


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