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Kittens Attack – Great way to pass the time.

Iairkittensandfarts-30000-1f you love the old 1980s Space Invaders game, you will love this app.  Throw in some Kittens with our little Birdy that is trying to fend the cuties off.  A great way to pass the time with some casual fun.  As there is not much of a learning curve to play the game.  Simply navigate your Birdy through the screen.  Click the Red button to open fire and you’re good to go!

See how long you can last and what high score you can achieve.  Because it’s only a matter of time until those Kittens crowd up and get you.  Casual, Quick fun at its best!  Available on the Iphone and Android.  Search for “Kittens Attack” on Itunes, Google Play Store and Amazon App store.

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