Pickup Buddy App – Your Personal Dating Coach in your pocket

Pickup Buddy App – Your Personal Dating Coach in your pocket

Let’s face it, meeting and dating women can be a tough gig.  You’re a nice guy right?  So with that said, why is it so difficult to get things right in your love life when you have so much to offer?  Handling your relationship with the opposite sex is often an important key to finding happiness in your life.

As men just knowing the right thing to do would be helpful since we often don’t get feedback.  As it can be frustrating to navigate through the tough dating world of not knowing the right action.  Did I introduce myself the right way?  When is too soon to call?  Where should I take her on a date?

Pickup Buddy helps to offer a framework for a successful methodology with dating women.  Giving you an outline on what are some of the successful behaviours in attracting women.  While ideally it’s best to develop your own unique style and personal expression, that can take time.  In the meantime you need an outline and to be pointed in the right direction.  Every art you need to learn the fundamentals before you can creatively express yourself.  In music you have to learn the scales first before you can improvise and jazz.  The art of meeting and dating women is no different.

Pickup Buddy is your personal dating coach in your pocket.  Helping various areas in your dating life :

Opening Lines : Need to get an idea for an opening line when you see that attractive lady at the bar?  Get your wheels churning with a selection of Openers based on the situation. (Dancing, Waiting in Line, Indirect, Direct)  At the very least you can show her your app and what it told you to say as your opener to share a good laugh.

Dates Ideas : Figure out where to take your date based on what stage your are in dating.  Whether it’s the first, second, third or fourth date the best scenarios vary.

Texting Ideas : The girl you met last night not responding to your text?  Get some ideas on how to re-ignite her interest and overcome reluctance.

Escalations Techniques : Creating for pleasant conversation and rapport without any sexual tension?  Learn how to build intimacy at the different stages and appropriate level.

Affirmations : Motivators to help you maintain the mindset of abundance.

Remember, dating can be fun but there are peoples emotions at stake too.  Women are people too and just want for you to be that great guy makes them feel connected.  So as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility”.  So stay a gentleman and let Pickup Buddy help you find your best self while you date responsibly.

Pickup Buddy is Available for Iphone and Android.  Just search “Pickup Buddy Dating Wingman” on Itunes, Google Play or Amazon App store.

Join the Facebook Forum Community for Pickup Buddy to make suggestions, get updates and ask questions about the app at : http://bit.ly/1Q5BnIA