Tech Talk is Annoying

Tech talk can be an annoying thing when it is not used right.  What exactly is Tech Talk?  It’s using big fancy jargon words, when it can most likely be said more simply in the English language.  As an example : Client : “There is something wrong with my monitor” Tech Consultant : “It’s your CRT.” Client : “What is a CRT?” Tech Consultant : “Cathode ray tube.” Client : (Blank stare) Tech Consultant :…

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Apps Software Development

Software Programmer

Finding a good Software Programmer in Toronto can be a bit of a challenge.  You might be the head of the company with a full fledged software development team that is looking to outsource portions of your development.  Perhaps you are a non-technical company (Ie. in the business of Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail or Finance) and looking to build a smartphone app, web application or desktop software.  Either way there is a chance we can work…

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