Software Programmer

Software Programmer

Finding a good Software Programmer in Toronto can be a bit of a challenge.  You might be the head of the company with a full fledged software development team that is looking to outsource portions of your development.  Perhaps you are a non-technical company (Ie. in the business of Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail or Finance) and looking to build a smartphone app, web application or desktop software.  Either way there is a chance we can work together.

One of the biggest challenges with Software Programmers is their communication and interpersonal skills.  No matter how good your technical skills might be, if ideas cannot be communicated effectively they are not useful.  As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  So being able to communicate and talk about the solution in a plain english no nonsense way is extremely important.

Another big challenge that Software Programmers face is understanding the practical business requirements.  Often Software Programmers are inclined to work on things in the most complicated manner.  Since it challenges them intellectually and expands upon their skill set.  However that might not actually be the best solution for the end user.  The right choice might in fact not be comparatively as exciting.  In fact recommending an off the shelf software might be the best choice instead of doing a custom software build.  Which we will be happy to recommend and implement if need be.  Since there is no point of re-inventing the wheel.   So doing things in a practical manner is of prime importance when it comes to Software Programming.

Utilizing open source code is also a great advantage when it comes to Software Development.  In the past when Software Programmers created products, they often didn’t release the inner workings (source code) of their products.  The Open Source movement has changed that, where Software Developers release the source code to the public domain.  The purpose of this is to get the input of other Software Developers, who might improve on the core functionality of the product or make compatible add ons.  It used to be the case that Open Source Software was not as powerful as commercial software.  However this is no longer valid, as allot of open source software is used today right under our noses without even knowing.  This includes software such as the Android Operating System, WordPress and Linux.  So if we find opportunity to leverage open source software, we would do so.

So if your looking for a good software developer that has a pragmatic approach, Don’t hesitate to contact us.  It’s a free initial consultation so you have nothing to lose.

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